Sadhu seva

Sadhu seva, or Vaishnava seva, refers to serving the lords dear devotees who have dedicated their lives to his loving devotional service. At the ashram, as well as serving the resident mothers, we also serve the sadhus, or wandering monks, of Vrindavan by offering aid. This includes food, clothing and medical treatment.

The ashram regularly conducts Bhandaras - inviting local ascetics to attend the ashram en-mass and offering food, clothing and a small amount of financial support or Dhakshina. Sri Brajnath Goswami, the founder of Shri Krishna- Shrayam, is very passionate about serving the sadhus of Vrindavan, as it is very dear to the lord himself. The glories of serving the lords dear devotees are described in the following scriptural references:

"nirapekṣaḿ muniḿ śāntaḿ
nirvairaḿ sama-darśanam
anuvrajāmy ahaḿ nityaḿ
pūyeyety ańghri-reṇubhiḥ"

(Srimad Bhagvatam 11.14.16)


"With the dust of My devotees' lotus feet I desire to purify the material worlds, which are situated within Me. Thus, I always follow the footsteps of My pure devotees, who are free from all personal desire, rapt in thought of My pastimes, peaceful, without any feelings of enmity, and of equal disposition everywhere".

Similarly, in the Padma Purana, there is a statement praising the service of the Vaishnavas, or devotees. Lord Siva tells Parvati, "My dear Parvati, there are different methods of worship, and out of all such methods the worship of the Supreme Person is considered to be the highest. But even higher than the worship of the Lord is the worship of the Lord's devotees".