Ancient Vedic culture gives special importance to the cow and it is described that all of the devas reside in the cow. Wealth, religion, enjoyment and salvation (kama, dharma, artha and moksha) are all accomplished with the service of the cow; our entire life is dependent on the cow. The cow takes very little from us and gives us a great deal more, thus the cow has a prominent place in Indian society. 

The cow provides us with many products which are of great use such as milk (nutrition), ghee and cow urine (medicinal purposes and useful in many Vedic rituals) and cow dung (purifying, useful in agriculture and building).

Gaura International opened a dedicated gowshala (cow shelter) in 2010, which currently houses 26 cows of which 9 are calves, that is run by 2 dedicated in-house volunteers. 

Structural maintenance of the gowshala is also required and, as the number of cows grow, there becomes a need to increase the available space to accommodate them. We are therefore hoping to create a separate area for calves which requires an extension to the main gowshala building as well as erecting surrounding fencing.